Woman finds lost iPhone and tweets a warning that will make you change your security settings ASAP.

Woman finds lost iPhone and tweets a warning that will make you change your security settings ASAP.

When a woman named "uninterested hō" on Twitter (probably not her given name) found a lost iPhone, she learned a lesson about phone security that she decided to share with the world via Twitter to keep us—and our personal info—safe. Thank you, uninterested hō!


Basically, she found someone's iPhone and, in her attempt to return it, realized how quick and easy it is to get someone's personal information off their phone. With a little help from Siri who, it turns out, is friendly and helpful to anyone, including some rando who has your phone:


By "cool" she of course means, NOT COOL AT ALL. This is really creepy. We all leave our phones lying around at some point, making it pretty easy for a stranger (or creepy friend) to get all of our personal info.

Luckily, the finder of this phone used this power for good:


Meanwhile, she figured out just how easy it is to get all of the girl's personal info, everything from where she lives to where she parked her car. Creepy AF.


The girl who the iPhone belonged to apparently had no clue her information was so easy to hack.


Luckily, there's a way to prevent this by changing your phone's security settings.

Here's what you can do to keep this from happening to you:


I just did it. Did you?


One more piece of advice from "Uninterested Ho," who, it turns out, is interested in our safety:


Lots of people are thanking UH on Twitter for her helpful tip, as they should:

Uninterested hō is the friend we all need and mostly don't deserve. Unlike you, Siri (jk Siri I love you even if you're a two-faced backstabber sometimes).