Pick your battles, pedantic men of the Internet, or else you could be taken on a worldwide tour of mockery.

If it had just stopped here, he'd have been OK. I mean, annoying, but whatever. (via)

OK, let me play Douchebag's Advocate for a second: is this sign tweeted out by Jerry (@Tigh_er) really about manspreading? Not necessarily. It's about humanspreading. That said, we all know who spreads the most: those of us with saggy balls between their legs. BUT, if this guy had restricted himself to that thesis—which I don't think he ever expressed, or perhaps even truly thought about—he would have merely been an annoying nitpicker. Like The Big Lebowski's Walter Sobchack, he would not have been wrong, just an asshole. But #LostLife2015, true to his name, was not satisfied with merely being a hairsplitting contrarian; he went beyond that to become an active loser.