When they're not out chopping down trees or strangling bears with their hands, even the manliest of men enjoys getting in touch with his feminine side. A recent AskReddit prompted burly, strong men to share the most "girly" things they like to do. The answers were pretty endearing. Here are some of the best responses.

1. the_weremoose is not ashamed of his floral apron, nor should he be.

I really like cooking.

I know that does not have to be "girly", but a few years ago found myself standing in the kitchen, barefoot, making crème brulee while wearing my little apron.

Meanwhile, my wife was out back drinking beer and refinishing a chest of drawers.

In my defense. We can both refinish furniture, but she makes a terrible crème brulee.

But maybe I should have chosen the blue apron instead of the floral one.