One of the breakout stars of 2016, along with Felicity Jones and neo-Nazis, was the Merriam-Webster Twitter account. The dictionary—yes, dictionary—has been steadily (and savagely!) engaged with the Twitterverse, schooling the Internet just as lexicographers should.

Here are 11 times the Merriam-Webster was the best resource on Twitter.

1. When they made the definition the punchline.

2. When they stood up for LGBTQ rights.


3. When they tried to get Neil Gaiman to calm down.


4. When they plead for change.

5. When they straight-up burned Trump after his unpresidented presidential typo.

6. When they burned a whiny hater.


7. And another guy.

8. When they recapped the debates.

9. And election night.


10. When they chimed in on the great hotdog-sandwich debate.

11. Finally, when they helped you out with cute cats in the midst of the war of the words.