Sometimes, when you get a new outfit and you're feeling great, you just have to share it with the world. A college student by the name of Alyssa recently felt like showing off her new dress, and posted a classic mirror selfie to Twitter.

Alyssa's tweet quickly went viral (retweeted more than 4,000 times and liked more than 8,000 times), but not because of her dress (which if I may say, is flawless.)

What captured the attention of other Twitter users was the explosion of mess all over the floor, which unfortunately for Alyssa, was also included in her reflection. A mirror selfie never lies, my friends.


Of course, she did receive some snark about her messy room.

Other Twitter users "cleaned" her room for her.

And some users decided to turn Alyssa's mirror selfie into a fun game.

Let's find out what fun treasures await us in Alyssa's messy room:


And, perhaps the most terrifying:


Not all that different from the objects you discover walking through a New York City subway station, honestly.

After her mirror selfie went viral, Alyssa set up a GoFundMe page for herself, called "Pay My Tuition and I'll Clean My Room." In the description, Alyssa explained that between attending college full-time and working both a full-time and a part-time job, finding time to clean her messy room can be difficult.

"If I reach my goal ($10,000 = 1 year at my school), I will quit my second job and devote my life to cleanliness," she writes.


She may be messy, but hey, this girl's an entrepreneur.

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