People shared the moment they realized they were getting old.

People shared the moment they realized they were getting old.

This year, I turned 26 (closer to 30 than 20) and my little sister graduated college. Obviously, I am a relatively young person, but those things made me feel old AF. I think we've all experienced moments at one time or another that made us feel like curmudgeonly old geezers. A recent AskReddit prompted people to share the moment they realized they were getting old. Here are 12 of the best responses.

1. NoNameSeven is no longer a boy who gets offered candy, but rather a man who does not get offered candy.

When the lady at the hair salon I used to go to ever since I was a little kid stopped offering me candy from the small basket that they have there. It has changed me from a boy to a man.

2. xX_IT_Guy_Xx has realized that having a baby is actually a joyful occasion.

When you realise you have to start saying 'Congratulations' to people when they get pregnant instead of 'Oh fuck'.

3. VineWings can't party like they used to, at least not without consequences.

3-4 day hangovers.

4. spiirel knows that once you start getting excited about vacuum cleaners, there's no turning back.

Hung out with a friend from high school and we excitedly discussed what kind of vacuum cleaner we'd like to have. It was both the realization that we mutually thought a new vacuum was exciting, and also the realization that now I had to be the one to pay for things like that.


5. This one is too real, ZootFluteRiot. I'm still a "miss!"

When people started calling me madam and ma'am. Ugh.

6. gtmattz suffered a pants-related injury.

When I pulled up my pants 'incorrectly' and ruptured a vertebrae in my lower back leaving me nearly immobile for a week... That was a real 'old man' moment for me.

7. And Thefullmuffin "had a fall."

When I fell over and someone said I'd had a fall, shit makes you feel about 90

8. Yes, 77remix. This one hurts.

When Lion King turned 22 years old this year


9. SgtKashim has succeeded in becoming a stereotypical old man.

When I found myself on my lawn in a bathrobe at 3AM, flashlight in one hand, cell phone in the other calling the police, revolver tucked in my bathrobe pocket... because the damned kids next door had a loud party.

Granted... it had just gone from a loud party to a loud fistfight. And it was 3AM on a Wednesday night, and this was the third call I'd made to the cops that night. GET OFF MY FUCKING LAWN.

10. Getting up has become difficult for LordJimsicle.

When you make similar noises to move around as the ones you make during sex.

11. JZ_the_ICON will have none of that new-fangled rock-and-roll the kids are all listening to.

When I would listen to some new music on the radio and go "What is this garbage?"

12. Maybe we should all take some advice from palindromic-bob.

Am 60. I have not yet realized I'm getting old.

Forget your age and live your life.