One dedicated YouTuber took the results of a massive linguistic study and turned them into pretty bubbles.

Can you guess the most popular words in the English language? How about the most popular 17-letter words? Well now, you don't have to. YouTuber Abacaba took the results of a study by computer scientist Peter Norvig and created a video that expresses them in accessible, hypnotizing infographics. It's the perfect thing for our Internet-addled attention spans.

Norvig conducted his study by analyzing all the words contained in the Google Books database—more than 743,000,000,000 of them. He isolated the nearly 100,000 words that appeared more than 100,000 times and plotted them for frequency. A lot of his results make sense, but some of them are surprising. Even if they weren't interesting, I'd still watch the video just to see the bubbles pop. Then again, I'm dumb.

Sources: Abacaba