Swiftkey designs one of the most popular keyboard apps for smartphones. They've used that insane power for good: to create a map of the which emoji each state uses more than any other:

Of all of these, I'm most concerned by the use of Koalas in Rhode Island. (via Swiftkey)

Ignoring the obvious implications that arise from the fact that keyboard app maker Swiftkey knows which emoji we're using, this is pretty awesome. It's even more in depth than it appears, as well. Not only can you see which emoji is most unique to each state:

Jesus, Ohio. Vanilla ice cream? Do you even want people to stop thinking you're boring? 
(via Swiftkey)

You can also click on them for more in-depth information (the top 5 most unique emoji, the most popular overall, the least popular, and the emoji used least frequently compared to other states). They also put out a full report with fun facts like:

Sources: Swiftkey