Renaissance statue banned from Facebook for being too erotic.

Renaissance statue banned from Facebook for being too erotic.

Oh my god: Facebook has banned Neptune, Roman God of the Sea, from appearing on the site in all His glory, proving that sixteenth-century nudes can be too damn erotic.

Zooming in:

A picture of the exquisitely sculpted deity was featured on writer Elisa Barbari's page, "Stories, curiosities and views of Bologna," full of travel tips and tidbits. When Barbari uploaded the pic of the Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna, Facebook immediately popped up (much like viewers of the fountain) and blocked it, calling the image "explicitly sexual."

Volevo sponsorizzare la mia pagina ma a quanto pare per Facebook la foto del nostro Gigante è un contenuto...

Posted by Elisa Barbari on Friday, December 30, 2016

Barbari spread the word of Facebook's inability to appreciate sixteenth century masterpieces, but Facebook defended their ban.

"The use of images or video of nude bodies or plunging necklines is not allowed, even if the use is for artistic or educational reasons," a Facebook spokesperson told CNN, but later reversed the decision.

Facebook still hasn't been reinstated the image, even after reversing the ban.

Пока ребетёнок спит, можно и пофотать красоту😎

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"In the past, I have flagged inappropriate content to Facebook myself -- fake news, violence on animals... Things that really need to be censured, not art. I don't know what to think, it's ridiculous, Barbari added.

"I am guessing this hasn't landed on Zuckerberg's desk yet. There is nothing vulgar in a work of art."