Fox News host Sean Hannity came across an article from the world's most famous satirical newspaper, The Onion, and he did not like what he saw. Not. One. Bit. And you have to imagine the thousands of sentient mini Hannitys who "burst from Roger Ailes' corpse" didn't love it, either.

The article was titled, "Hundreds Of Miniature Sean Hannitys Burst From Roger Ailes’ Corpse."

"What is wrong with the left that they think these sorts of things are funny?" asked the real Sean Hannity into the Twitter void.


He also devoted a segment on his show to the bit, taking a page out of the Trump-Kathy Griffin playbook and invoking his 15-year-old daughter's reaction to the distasteful imagery.

In case you don't get the joke from The Onion, allow me to explain it. That always makes it funnier.

Roger Ailes is the recently-deceased former head of Fox News. While his death wasn't mourned by all—many remembered the sexual harassment allegations that forced him to step down last summer—Sean Hannity has remained vocally supportive of his former boss. Here, feel free to click over to this video from Fox News titled: "Sean Hannity: I am forever grateful for Roger Ailes."


The top response on Hannity's rhetorical Twitter question about why the left thinks "these sorts of things" are funny was hijacked by a Trump supporter, who responded:

"Sean... Most outrageous thing I've ever seen... It's not humor but it is...ACTIONABLE....Sue their butts off."

Comedians and the exact type of liberals who find these things funny quickly piled on.


As far as anyone knows, you cannot sue The Onion for making fun of you. But you've got to give Hannity credit, at least he didn't read the article and think it was true.

That has happened to Fox before, when they reportedly "re-posted a joke from... The Onion" titled, "Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail." They took it seriously, according to a Raw Story report from 2010.


So Kudos to Hannity for not taking lines like this as fact:

Clawing over each other and gasping for air as they emerged, hundreds of miniature Sean Hannitys reportedly burst from Roger Ailes’ corpse Thursday shortly after the former Fox News CEO’s death.

At press time, the miniature Sean Hannitys were ravenously devouring Ailes’ corpse.

That would have really scared him.

Sources: h/t AV Club