If you were ever wondering how we will become a surveillance state, here is the answer: by having adorable security cameras everywhere. Enter Ulo, "an interactive home monitoring owl," which is one of those phrases that 20 years ago would have made someone laugh and say, "Nice crazy future vision, you Philip K. Dork" and today makes people say, "OMG PUT IT IN MAH HOUSE."

Would you let this adorable owl guard your house?

Posted by Engadget on Friday, October 23, 2015

And the thing is adorable. (Which is not a surprise, because goddamn, owls are the cutest.) It winks when it's taking pictures and looks sleepy when it needs a battery recharge. Basically, it's like a Tamagotchi, if your Tamagotchi could catch the babysitter when she brings friends over. And it can track movement with its eyes. Just look at this: 

Sources: h/t Engadget