Lego released a fun visual puzzle on its Instagram, as a noble nod to the maddening riddle of finding a lone panda among snowmen. Now the pandas are in charge, and there are probably more in this image than there are in the real world because it's really difficult to get pandas to mate. Can you find the Lego Duplo dog?

We managed to find all the pandas! But can you find our #LEGODUPLO dog?

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Regardless of whether you found the dog, or how long it took you, start thinking of an excuse to tell others for why you're so intently staring at your screen right now. Aim high—say you're finally finishing War and Peace or Infinite Jest. Otherwise, maybe you're polishing a five-year plan, or forecasting what may actually happen to the Chinese economy. Just don't say it's pandas.

Sources: Instagram: Lego