Dude's story of pantsless woodwinders in a bathroom sounds unbelievable, but he has proof.

Dude's story of pantsless woodwinders in a bathroom sounds unbelievable, but he has proof.

Finally, a viral story that comes with concrete proof.

Every so often, a story goes viral and captures the Internet's imagination—so viral that people know you mean the tale of Zola when you just say #TheStory. But the people of the Internet have been hurt by these stories before, as recently as the McDonald's milkshake epic that turned out to be McExaggerated. 

This story, shared by Imgur user Gryorly, has everything—bathroom encounters, penises, instruments—and actual proof of its truthfulness. Let's make the blue guy A, and the green guy B:

A: you ready for a story from last night?

B: i love stories

A: this is an exceptional one

B: oh yes yes yes

A: in workmans

A: I walked into the jacks, and saw 2 lads pissing with their trousers around their ankles, they both turn round to me, dicks in hand and were like cmon and join, so i was like ok but i'm not doing they ankle drop, and they start chanting ANKLE DROP! ANKLE DROP! trying to get me to pull down my trousers


A: while this is going on, some booger in an Aran jumper walks in, sees all this and takes out a fucking tin whistle and starts lashing into the bog down in the valley o

B: this is all lies

A: one of the lads then asks to play, so bogger hands him the tin whistle, whips a flute out of his bag. the 2 then get in an argument about whether to play bog down in the valley o in the key of G or D. trousers still down

A: and im standing there thinking, no one is going to believe me... so

Editor's note: We couldn't tell if we were seeing part of this guy's thigh or the tip of his penis, so we covered it just in case.

That's right, Guy A has provided photographic evidence that he did indeed encounter dudes in the bathroom who, in addition to doing their business, got down to business with tin whistles. It could very well be staged, but sometimes you just want to believe.

It's the strangest bathroom surprise since Moaning Myrtle.

The Chamber of Secrets totally would have gone viral.