7 Pokémon Go players who got real injuries finding fake monsters.

7 Pokémon Go players who got real injuries finding fake monsters.

Within days of its release, Pokemon Go has taken over the world, forcing nerds to go outside (for better or for worse). While interacting with the real world in pursuit of cartoon creatures, many Pokemon Trainers have failed to heed the welcome screen's warning.

Don't forget to look up from time to time while catching 'em all.
Pokemon Go

Learn from these 7 Pokemon Go players who should have Pokestopped.

1. Amalthea- went straight to the ER, and will have to focus on indoor video games for the next 6-8 weeks.

Not even 30 minutes after the release last night, I slipped and fell down a ditch. Fractured the fifth metatarsal bone in my foot, 6-8 weeks for recovery. I told all the doctors I was walking my dog lol... Watch where you're going, folks!

"Nope." -Pikachu

2. Oddishes like fancy gardens too, as PokemonGoCauseDamage and a friend's car discovered.

I think we all expected something like this to happen, although maybe not so soon.

If you don't know what Pokemon Go is, it's essentially a game where you use your GPS to visit real life locations and capture Pokemon, battle gyms, etc.

Today, I decided to go out with my friend and catch some Pokemon, and maybe take over a couple of gyms. Because he has his driver's liscense, and I don't, I thought it would be great opportunity to visit a town farther away.

So we headed to an area I didn't really recognize, although it was a town I vaguely knew. We were driving along, heading up to a PokeStop (a place to collect items).

Because he was driving, I was the one telling him where to go. He ended up passing it completely, so we pulled into a nearby neighborhood to turn around.

This is where the "fun" part comes in.

We pulled into a driveway. The neighborhood was on a steep hill, and it had just finished raining.

There weren't any real curbs though. The street had some kind of flat cement "curb" border on the road, which didn't serve any practical purpose I could think of. They looked brand new, and divided the asphalt from the grass.

Past the cement "curb" was a small ditch, and then immediately past the ditch was the house's beautiful lawn, complete with a flower garden.

Of course, we weren't really thinking about this at the time.

After we pulled into the driveway, my friend took out his Go and studied the map as he backed up.

Most likely as a combination of the slippery road, the steep hill, my friend looking at his phone in one hand, and me exclaiming, "Oo! And Oddish!" at the same time, he managed to way overshoot the street.

His car slid down the small ditch and ended up smashing a few of the house's beautiful patches of flowers (not the entire garden, but enough to make someone angry.) Although my instinct was to get out of the car and assess the damage, he decided to accelerate as much as possible, causing a massive scraping noise of the bottom of our car on the edge of the flat "curb."

This proceeded to alert a woman in the house to exit and march up to us.

We were both really apologetic and embarrassed. With me pushing the back of the car and my friend accelerating, we managed to get the car out.

Not only did we wreck a small part of this woman's garden, but we majorly scraped the new "curb." There were huge white scrape marks all over it.

At this point I'm really scared because the woman still looked pissed and we basically caused both public and private property damage, and I was about 40 minutes from my house. And how will I explain this to my parents? They didn't even know I wasn't home.

She told us to wait. She went back into the house for a minute, came back out, and then told us that she needed to discuss the matter of how to deal with us when her husband got home. We gave her our phone numbers, my friend dropped me off at home, and here I am.

Well. Now I'm just awaiting the dreaded call. I'll post an update when she calls, but this all happened like an hour ago. Oh well.

TLDR: My friend and I drove to a distant town to collect some Pokemon, drove right past a PokeStop and ended up frantically backing up past a ditch and into a woman's flower bed. We're waiting to see what she will do, and my parents still don't know. Also, I still don't have an Oddish.

Edit: I was unclear. My friend took out his phone while we were parked on the driveway. He was putting it away AS he was backing up. Yes, still foolish. This is why this is a FU.

Also, the woman still hasn't called. I'm not sure why. Maybe her husband was too tired to talk last night. I'll keep you guys posted.

A reenactment of the chase.

3. This New Zealander brutally faceplanted (and tragically phoneplanted).

So a few hours ago I downloaded Pokemon GO (I live in New Zealand) and enjoyed walking around my city collecting items from Pokestops/ capturing Pokemon etcetera, before going home. Around half an hour ago I decided to leave my house and skate around my suburb to see if I could catch any interesting Pokemon, or gain some cool items. About 5 minutes into skating slowly down the footpath my board is blocked by an uneven surface and I go flying across it with my phone. More worried about making a painful landing, I let go off my phone and try to cushion the landing with my hands, but because my reaction time is just as fast as a sloths my face planted the same time my hands reached the pavement. My phone was also thrown directly into the ground, which cracked the screen. Now i'm at home typing this up from my laptop because my phone won't do what I want it to do.

TL;DR - Wanted to catch 'em all, ended up catching my fall (Sorta), oh, and breaking my phone.

The body may heal, but the phone is broken forever.

4. Drawpthebase got Pokéstopped by the cops.

I'll keep this short as it happened 5 minutes ago and isn't too crazy.

No I didn't tress pass, get arrested or speed. (PS, In AUS).

The ONLY thing anywhere near my house is a park 2 minutes away which is a POKESTOP. I hopped in my car to go down really quick to check it out - just grabbed my phone and keys. Got pulled over almost straight away around the block and didn't have my license (didn't grab my wallet...). A little ticket ($) and no points lost but fuck me i'm an idiot.

Too much of a Slowpoke.

5. Mikefromto got Squirtled by a skunk.

So last night me and my friend were out until 2am playing Pokemon go, walking through random streets finding Pokemon. So we see a cat(in real life not a meowth) and we approach it because earlier in the night we saw a lost cat sign and wanted to know if it was the same one. we Approached it and didn't realise before it was too late it was a skunk. It stuck it's tail up and now I'm in a tomato bath. Be aware of your surroundings when playing Pokemon go.

Deal with it.

6. Torostein flew off a bike in a sequence more action-packed than most PokéBattles.

Reddit, today I became that person.

This all started today on my way to work. I headed out early to try and catch a growlithe on my way, as a friend of mine told me about this path where he had seen him nearby several times.

On my way I met a few pidgeys, and decided to take them all. This is where I fucked up. While trying to catch one of the pidgeys, there was a turn to the right. I didn't even think about it, and turned right. What I didn't quite foresee, was some loose gravel on the the road. So as I came out of the turn, my wheel slipped and my wheel turned out the other way. You might think at this point, with my phone in one hand, slightly distracted and an awkward grip on the handlebars with my left hand, that this is where I was thrown off. Well, you'd be wrong.

I actually managed to stay on my bike, but now I was turning left fast. I turned out of the sidewalk and into the road, and I knew if I hit the curb on the other side I'd be fucked. But no matter how much I tried, I couldn't correct my balance. Dropping my phone to correct the course was not an option, so I had to be clever. Straight before I hit the curb I came up with the genius idea to jump of my bike at the same time as I hit the curb, and land on my feet on the sidewalk. I prepared to jump, my wheel hit, and it was going brilliantly. Except I didn't land on the sidewalk.

The sidewalk was perhaps 1,5 meters wide, and on the other side was a steep hill leading to someone's garden. So I flew over the sidewalk and dived down the hill, landing on my shoulder. And ended up sliding down to the bottom of the hill.

Luckily no one was around to witness my monumental fuck up. So I got up, caught said pidgey and dashed as quickly as possible. Luckily I got of with only a scratched up shoulder, and a sore ankle. My bike and phone(with pidgey) was fine, but my pride took a decent hit.

Even the masters get messy.

7. Loganv870 made the same mistake, and included photographic evidence.

So this happened about 20 minutes ago and I'm still shocked at my stupidity. I just downloaded Pokemon Go and decided it would be a good idea to smoke a bowl then go bike around my neighborhood looking for Pokemon. On my way back I coasted down a little hill and pulled out my phone to check if I was getting closer to any Pokemon. When it opened up I saw that I was right next to a squirtle and panicked. I frantically tapped the screen with my right hand and squeezed the brake with my left sending me flying over the handle bars onto the road. My shoe flew off as I tumbled forward and the bike chain fell off as it slammed on top of me. As I was laying in the road a car came up behind me so I had to get up grab my phone, my shoe, and my bike and drag it to the side of the road feeling like dumbass. I ended up cutting my leg, ripped open an old scab, and now I have a big ass lump on my ankle.

Exhibit A.
Loganv870 via Imgur
Exhibit B.