He won't speak to the press but at least he'll talk to his shrink. Get to know the gentle, thoughtful, only slightly sociopathic side of President Donald Trump. Welcome to Trump Therapy. (Here's Ep. 4)

Therapist: Let's talk about your marriage. Trump: Sure. Which one?
Therapist: How is Melania handling your new life? Trump: Hard to say. She hasn't spoken to me since 2005.
Therapist: What could you do to reconnect? To show Melania that you still love her? Trump: I guess I could tweet about her in the middle of the night.
Therapist: Isn't that when you should theoretically be in bed with her? Trump: I legally have to be 500 yards from Melania after 8pm.
Therapist: What could you tweet to get closer to her? Trump: Maybe something like, "Melania, I can hardly wait to see you in court."
Therapist: Does that have a special meaning? Trump: She filed for divorce but I'm going to have the courts overturn it.

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