A lot of things happen on Reddit that are impossible to verify, and that's the only fact standing between this postcard and a month's worth of recurring nightmares. Jxander posted the following postcard, writing that "my mother received this terrifying letter..."

The Redditor elaborated that it's "supposedly from a crazy cousin she hasn't spoken with in over 20 years," who—and I'm not sure how relevant this is, except to paint a picture—"lives in the mountains of Hawaii without electricity."


The actual note on the other side of the post card is 95% more alarming than the pasted together image.

If you can't read the handwriting, here you go:


We'll be by around 7 p.m. on March 23 to pick up you & yours — pack lite, leave your earthly husk behind. As ever, no fornicators or immigrants need apply. I see you @ 7 p.m. (1900 hours)



The reactions on Reddit were the same ones you're having right now.

But some got serious, referring to it as a call for help or evidence of a mental breakdown. More theories included: meth. If any of those are the case, we hope she gets the help she needs. Becoming a viral sensation is not the greatest mental healthcare plan.


In that case, we have even more reason to hope it's a fake—uploaded to the internet for meaningless web points. Or a viral promotion for a new horror movie. We can only hope.

Sources: h/t Distractify