Dad who clearly doesn't understand the Internet tells daughter she can have a puppy for 100,000 retweets.

Dad who clearly doesn't understand the Internet tells daughter she can have a puppy for 100,000 retweets.

Clara Foster's dad may have to a put a puppy where his mouth is. The Houston high school senior took to Twitter with a challenge from her dad: if she got 100,000 retweets, she'd get a puppy. So far, she's racked up 60,000, probably because the puppy in the picture is a million tweet-worthy dog.

Clara: how many retweets do i need for you to say yes to the puppy

Dad: 1,000,000

Clara: okay let's be realistic here


Dad: K

Though the tweet is two-weeks-old, it's hasn't stopped gaining steam. Foster posted an update earlier this week, indicating she's named the puppy Olly, which is a great strategic move because once the sack of cute has a name it's even harder not to get attached.

Not everyone's on board. A lot of people don't think it's right that Clara's going to leave this puppy behind when she heads off to college next year.


Foster explained her story in an email to The Daily Dot, which tragically reveals that Olly is meant to replace her old dead dog.

Our family dog of 13 years just passed away a few weeks ago and that is how all of this started. I had talked to my parents about getting another puppy before she passed, but then after she was gone I realized how much I needed a pet in my life. My dad didn't want me to have the dog because he and my mom didn't want to be "tied down" when I leave for college.

We had talked about maybe having the dog stay with my cousins in Oklahoma, where I will be attending college, so that was how I got my dad to agree to the whole retweet thing. I don't think my dad really knew what he was getting himself into when he OKed the 100,000 retweets, but honestly, I never would have expected such a big reaction from the internet either. We didn't talk about a time limit because he thought I would never get close.

The puppy in the picture is from my cousin's litter of puppies and no, it isn't the exact puppy I want because it already has a home. If I can't get a puppy from that litter, I would most likely adopt from a shelter.

Like I mentioned earlier, we talked about the possibility of the puppy staying with my cousins who live near the college I will be attending, but that isn't a definite solution. We have also talked about the puppy staying with a friend of mine when my parents travel, but regardless, I can't take the puppy until I get an apartment senior year of college.


Do you think it's fair for Clara to adopt Olly knowing she'll ditch him to go learn stuff in Oklahoma?