The questions I asked myself when I was considering whether to post this #tbt photo.

The questions I asked myself when I was considering whether to post this #tbt photo.

Posting pictures on the Internet is exhausting.

The questions I asked myself when I was considering whether to post this #tbt photo.


1. Does participating in #tbt make me seem cool, desperate, or desperate to be cool?

2. Is it rude to post a 15-year-old picture of someone without them knowing, even if you don't use their name? What if the person in the photo was your Internet boyfriend in middle school?

3. Has anybody posted 15-year-old pictures of me without me knowing?

4. If they did post old pictures of me, did any of them have captions like, "Ha ha, look at this weirdo! I looked her up now, and she is awful at everything she does! I contacted her friends, and they agree!"?

5. Should I cover my butt by saying "I am sure my middle school Internet boyfriend grew up to be a wonderful, successful man"?

6. Oh my god, have I really spent 10 minutes deciding whether or not to post this photo?

7. Does it seem like I'm bragging if I post a picture of my Internet boyfriend from middle school who I met on an X-Files message board? Like, "look at how much nerd cred I have; I was Internet dating in 1996"?

8. Can I even call it dating if it mostly consisted of ICQ chat sessions?

9. Is it too complicated to explain that this picture was taken three years later, when we were no longer "dating," but I was visiting Boston on a school trip?


10. Why is there so much food trash in this picture? Do teenagers today, with all of their phone-camera savvy, know to not include a bunch of food trash in the frame when they take pictures?

11. Holy shit; I've spent 30 minutes considering whether to post this. How does this take so much time?

12. I shouldn't post this, right? People will think it looks desperate for attention. I'm not going to post it.

13. Why do I care what other people think? I control my destiny, and this #tbt is my battlefield! I'm going to post it!

14. Do I tell people about the time when my Internet boyfriend and I first met face-to-face when we were dating and we both wanted to kiss but were too shy and so instead we stood outside of an amusement park awkwardly for like 45 minutes trying to say goodbye?


15. Do I point I my spiked necklace?

16. Do I point out how depressed I was when this picture was taken, or is that obvious from the fact that I was wearing a spiked necklace that I bought at a Claire's?

17. Do I I expand the frame so that I'm not cropping out my friend Samantha?

18. Will Samantha remember this photo and be offended that she was cropped out, even though she's not the point, we haven't talked for at least three years, and the last time we did talk was on Facebook, so it sort of doesn't count?


19. Why am I hungry?

20. Goddammit, it's already dinnertime? I'm posting.

21. ...only 12 likes? Shit.