As "the front page of the internet," Reddit has seen some crazy stuff. An open forum for anyone to dump whatever's on their mind (including photos of their dumps), it provides a panoramic view of the human experience in all its glory and awfulness. So for your schadenfreude fix, here are the five most depressing things we've ever read on Reddit.

You're not a bad person, you're just learning German.
You're not a bad person, you're just learning German.

1. At 7 years old, 7storiesup died during surgery, and experiencing death proved that we have nothing to look forward to.

When I was a kid I needed eye surgery a few times. The last time I, at 7, told the doctor I couldn't do it today because my asthma was acting up. The doctor ignored me and put under anesthesia regardless. I had an attack, as I fucking knew I would, while under anesthesia and my heart stopped.

I remember the anger at the doctor, and then feeling something soft on my hands upon waking up with absolutely nothing in between. I was blind when I woke up and don't remember when I regained the sight, maybe a day or two later. It may have also been really thick bandages with my eyes closed, I just remember not being able to see anything thus I latched onto the stuffie my sister or mom handed me.

It was like waking up from a deep sleep, the kind you get after a hard day at work in a nice comfy room. One moment you're just awake like someone pressed the start button on the controller that is your mind and body.

So, it doesn't hurt. The heart stopping must've hurt and the asthma attack, but actual death is painless. It isn't scary, though like all humans I do fear it. It also isn't some magical experience... you're just sleeping, except sometimes you can wake up from it, like I did, and sometimes you can't, like my daddy who died when I was a child.

It is sad though cause it's nothing... life is smelly and loud and busy and interesting and fun and colorful and death, death is absolute nothingness.