18-year-old Alasdair McKay has been living with his roommate in Aberdeen Scotland for six months now. He told Buzzfeed that things had been going pretty well, until recently, when Alasdair saw how his roommate had opened a loaf of bread.

He tweeted a photo of the bread's plastic packaging torn RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE to Twitter, and it quickly went viral.

Unsurprisingly, people had a lot to say about how Alasdair's roommate opens bread. (I just have questions. Mainly, WHAT DO THEY THINK THE TWIST TIE IS FOR?!)


Some accused his roommate of conspiring with the devil.

Some warned Alasdair to run away and never look back.

Some think the roommate must not be human. (I'd like to think that Alasdair would notice if he were living with a woodland creature.)

Some were upset that the photo of the bread catastrophe didn't come with the "sensitive media" warning on Twitter.


However, some brave Twitter users admitted that they also open their bread like that.

See? No one is ever truly alone. I guess we're all entitled to our own bread habits. (BUT DOESN'T IT GO STALE LIKE THAT?!)

Sources: Buzzfeed