The child known to some as Sammy Griner—but known to most as Success Kid—is growing up, and has (shockingly) gotten bigger with the passage of time.

Sammy was just 11 months old when his mom, Laney, shared a picture of his with a handful of sand and a triumphant expression to Flickr. Since then, he's been memed thousands of times.

His visage has been used to celebrate a variety of victories:

I'm kind of proud of myself

If you're one of the countless people who have enjoyed Success Kid for years, your mind is about the be blown. This week, Redditor u/ThoseWhoDoVoodoo posted a photo of present-day Success Kid with the title "This is Success Kid."

This is Success Kid.
Great success!

Sammy's mom has continued chronicling his cuteness. Sometimes, he still makes similar gestures to the one he is forever associated with.

Surprise, Sammy, we're going to Islands of Adventure!

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She celebrates the anniversary of the iconic photo every August 26th.

Happy Success Kid Anniversary! ✊🏻

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Success Kid has used his Internet fame for good, successfully fundraising for his father to get a kidney transplant. Success Dad, Justin, is doing great.



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Soon Sammy will rise to take up the mantle of the current Success Man, Borat.