As anyone with grandparents knows, when you're over 70 (or simply just adorably old), you can get away with doing and saying whatever you want. (That's one of the many reasons why Betty White is a delight in every movie she graces.) It's an honor you earned with time. Row Ramsay's 77-year-old grandma Hazel is no exception.

When one of Hazel's Facebook friend's Alison proudly posted a picture of her baby potato scones, and Hazel couldn't keep her thoughts to herself.


She tells it like it is.

"They look shite hope they tasted better than they looked" is a solid burn.

"She’s always like that just does not care no beating about the bush she’s hilarious!" Rowan told Metro UK.


Twitter couldn't get enough of savage granny, with Row's tweet getting over 7,000 retweets and over 28,000 likes.

Hazel got in an extra burn by showing the internet how it's done. Not just anyone can pull off homemade tattie scones.