Zachary Crockett over at Priceonomics decided to crunch the data on recent selfie-related deaths, and it's not great—he reported that "since 2014, 49 people have died while attempting to photograph themselves." And, of course, that doesn't count any of the very stupid near-death experiences, like the kid who got kicked in the head by a train conductor while trying to take a selfie. After all, there's a very good reason why they don't call selfies "safies."*

To put that in context, Crockett noted that selfie accidents killed more people (49) than accidents related to Mt. Everest (17 killed), American football (12 killed), or shark attacks (8 killed) in 2015. That said, all of those numbers are pretty small; the estimation of people accidentally killed by erotic asphyxiation in the same time period was 625. Crockett does admit that his numbers are a little fuzzy, though. His chart on Selfies vs. Other Accidental deaths notes "Data via Google News Archives, CDC reports, academic studies; when a 2015 figure was not available, an estimate was made based off of historical data."