11 people who fell asleep at the wrong moment are now awake and laughing about it.

11 people who fell asleep at the wrong moment are now awake and laughing about it.

Listen, we all love naps, but what happens when they go awry? Sometimes you sleep comes to you at the wrong moment (like during your SATs or while your boyfriend is trying to propose to you). These unfortunate sleep stories, while slightly embarrassing, are also hilarious. So, we asked our readers to send in stories of times they fell asleep at the wrong moment. Let me tell you, they're pretty hilarious.

1. Habits are hard to break for Becky from Facebook.

My job had me flying out very early every Monday. When the engines kicked in, it was my cue to take a nap. My husband took me to a NASCAR race, it rained, and when the jet dryers came by, boom, I'm out like a light. They were playing my lullaby.

2. Aimee's story proves that nurses are angels. (We'd also like to know how she could've possibly fallen asleep during labor.)


I'm a mom, times two. During the birth of my first, I fell asleep. For like 6 hours. Then, when it was time to start pushing, they tried to wake me up. I said a few swear words, asked who was doing the dishes and argued with a nurse that I shit in my sleep and my turd was stuck between my ass cheeks. Thank God for epidurals, nurses that clean up your shit, and kids.

3. Erin from Facebook knows that trash bags make the best blankets.

I was in college and had a job at the mall bookstore as holiday help. I got assigned to their calendar store that is open from maybe Nov 1st to Feb 1st. I had to be down at the calendar store by about 8:30 to open at nine. They were only using half of the store, so the back half was curtained off. Well, I got the drawer set up and the store open, but I was SO bored and SO tired and SO cold, that I thought it would be a brilliant idea to go behind the curtain and sit down for a few minutes on a raised step. I didn't have any more layers to put on, so I wrapped up in a new huge black trash bag. I then proceeded to fall asleep, wrapped in a trash bag and sitting on a step in the store that I was supposed to be in charge of for 30-45 minutes. I think it was a customer in front that finally woke me up. The managers never knew (no security cameras maybe), but I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of my finer moments.


4. An alcohol and drug-induced sleep caused Benjamin to miss his shot at love.

When I was about to turn 18 I went to the magical city of Amsterdam with some friends (I'm Dutch, so no biggy).

With these people it was bound to turn into a drugs and booze filled night, so we jumped on the train with some bottles of alcohol, started drinking and were pretty lit already when we arrived at the station. One of my buddies' dad had an awesome apartment in the city center, close to a few coffeeshops (which is what we call shops where you buy weed and such). On our way we find ourselves in need of more alcohol so we visit a store, get more bottles, start drinking in the streets and right before we reach the flat we visit a coffeeshop and buy a shitload of drugs. But really, a lot.

I was the only one able to roll a decent joint, so I start working on a few before we get to drunk or stoned to care anymore.

The night progresses and we are all starting to get seriously fucked up. Now, there was this one girl I had a major crush on for months already, and being the awkward 17 year old I was back then I didn't tell her. I'm sure she knew, but never showed it.

To get over my nerves, I drink half a bottle of some serious heavy stuff, take some major drags of our stash of drugs and start talking to this lovely girl (she was seriously beautiful, ridiculously so).

The moment I think I might get somewhere, with her cuddling up to me on the couch, I take one more drag of a joint, hand it to her and then... I wake up on the couch without any memory of what has happened for the rest of that night. None. At. All.


5. Suz accidentally got a little too cozy with her airplane seat mate.

A couple years ago I had to catch an early morning flight the day after my husbands open bar (I took advantage of it thoroughly). I'm a nervous flyer so I have a Xanax prescription, and Xanax on top of the booze I had leftover in my system from the night before knocked me out on the flight. A loud halfway through the trip, I'm awoken by the angry voice of my seat mate shouting "get off of me!". Apparently I had rolled over on to his shoulder and began stroking his chest. Awkward. Plus, there was about an hour left in the flight and at 25,000 ft there was no where to run and hide. I apologized, rolled the other direction, and slept keeping my hands to myself for the rest of the flight.


6. Introducing Todd, the sleepwalking spider savior.

When I was living with friends in a two story house, I came home and went to bed around 11PM. There were a few people downstairs hanging out, talking, playing videos and the like. The next morning, they told me that the following happened:

Around 12:30 am, I came down the stairs completely naked. I stood at the bottom of the stairs for about a minute while my friends asked me what was going on and where my clothes were. I then walked up to them, took a glass from the coffee table and walked over to a far wall in a different room. I walked straight up to a spider and put the cup over it. My friends asked me what I was doing but I continued to ignore them, taking the cup with the spider to the front door, and then out into the middle of the street. I then put the cup on the ground and let the spider crawl out, standing there watching it skeeter off, apparently. My friends came up to me and asked what I was doing and if I was alright and why the hell was I standing naked in the middle of the street? They said I told them "gotta save the spiders." A friend who knew me well said that I was sleepwalking. He took the glass and told me to go to bed. Without a word, I followed his command. I woke up the next day and my friends were anxious to debrief what happened. I had no memory of it and no one, including me, could explain how I knew there was a spider climbing up the wall in a far off room. I suppose I could've seen it earlier in the evening when I was awake, but I didn't go into that room when I got home. My friends still call me Arachnasiah.

I slept walked a lot when I was younger. Not so much these days, but I did a lot of other weird stuff that I thought my subconscious wasn't supposed to let me do. This is why I've always been wary of being part of hypnotism performances.


7. We've all been there, Daniella from Facebook.

I was on holiday when I was about 19 and woke up in a bush basically naked. With a cat sitting on top of my clothes. I'm scared of cats. I always say: you haven't been drunk til you've woken up in a bush naked.

8. Madison certainly has an interesting "my first time" story. (But seriously, try not to do this.)

Here's a story- the first time I had sex I fell asleep while the guy was doing his thing. I just wasn't feeling it and I'd been studying the day before. So I kind of dozed off and let him knock it. (He was tiny so I didn't feel anything.)

It's funny in hindsight, but thinking about it, it was a dangerous thing to do.


9. Cole from Facebook's sleepy mistake actually seems fun as hell.

I woke up late one time for work & threw on my sisters sneakers because they were the closest pair of shoes I could find & even better it was casual Friday ..as I ran to my car I thought they felt pretty heavy to wear but didn't think anything of it ( all I was thinking is I desperately need COFFEE lol) As I finally sat down at my desk I looked on the bottom of my shoe & realized I had my sisters roller skate sneakers on .. YES!!! Roller skate sneakers hahaha Needless to say it was a fad that didn't last long if you never heard of them .. atleast I think they don't exist anymore lol I would say that was over 15 years ago ...they were hidden in the bottom of the sneaker you had to pull out the skates....but one flew down and I couldn't push it back up so it was either go shoeless or skate ..turned out to be a fun & hilarious day because I just roller skated through the office all day


10. We're very impressed Bethany from Facebook got away with this.

I fell asleep during my college graduation. It was a small liberal arts college so all 5,000 graduates graduated at once instead of seperate ceremonies by discipline. It was outside, the middle of June, our gowns and hats were black so everyone was sweating and exhausted. I made it through all of the engineering students and science students but completely missed the business students and woke up in time for my major to get ready to walk. My family was in attendance and judging by their pictures of me sitting there I hid my nap pretty well!

11. Lindsay from Facebook slept through a literal tornado. Tough to beat that.

I slept through a tornado that ripped through my neighborhood. My dad was awake, saw the tornado blow our glass table off the deck (which was right next to my room on the second floor) and left my brother and I asleep. Sure glad it didn't rip our roof off!!