Snapchat introduced a Bob Marley filter for 4/20 that allows users to change their face to look kind of like the legendary musician and Rastafarian. Some people feel the filter is an offensive form of blackface, while others are simply mad that his legacy has been reduced to being some sort of patron saint for stoners.

The negative reactions to the filter were along these lines:


And here's the filter in action:

One reason true fans of Marley might get upset is because people trivially use the filter like they would any other Snapchat feature. Like this woman who used the filter on her kid at IHOP:


Or any other random user that simply quotes a Bob Marley song: 

#bobmarley #thebest

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There are so many better Snapchat filters to use that would be more fun on 4/20. Here's one that makes you look like Boy George or Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs:


The safe bet is to celebrate Bob Marley by listening to his music, and stick to using Snapchat for weird face swaps.

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