A teen was cruising around her neighborhood, probably killing it, when she received a text from a neighbor. The message seemed nice and reasonable and considerate, but she was begging this teen to curb her bad "habits" around the impressionable children.

First of all, "cigar of some sort" is a very roundabout way of saying "I know you were smoking weed but let's preserve your plausible deniability here and not let it happen again."


So look, all taquito news is hot, because taquitos are made of flaming lava and you haven't really tasted one until its burned off half your tongue. But even adjusting the hotness of this news for the already-hot standards of taquitos, this is some extremely hot taquito news. Don't take it for granted, because taquitos don't make the news half as much as they should.

As you've already gathered, this girl was merely eating a taquito.


hey! it was just a taquito! no bad habits here

Amazing stuff. Just amazing. The tweet went very viral, as it would, and Sarah spoke to BuzzFeed News, like you do.

"I feel bad because in my opinion [my neighbour] is crazy nice and I get where she's coming from. She hasn't responded, I'm assuming out of embarrassment."

Not to make this any hotter—but what if the old taquito defense was just an excuse?