Jacquie Ross, a 16-year-old in North Carolina, was talking to her friend Michael when he asked to see her outfit, which really means asking to see what's under her outfit. Teens these days.

Michael is on the prom committee, Jacquie Ross told BuzzFeed, and they were discussing outfits. The view of the shoulders in the selfie got Michael a lil' excited, and then things got bonkers.


Michael wouldn't quit, and kept asking for a nude. Jacquie Ross had a plan—and an impressive amount of towels.

Michael was creepily insistent. But Ross was ready.


But now Michael wanted to see under the robe...

Ross posted the convo on Tumblr with the caption "They don’t give up so easily nowadays," and it went super viral.


The post got over 67,000, and the reactions have been wild.

"I think it's funny how everyone's creeped out by 'I'm gonna get what I want'," Ross told BuzzFeed. "I also like when people are like 'I'm gonna use this for future reference!'"

"My all time favorite thing is how officially, more people hate him than there are in my entire county," she added.

A super successful troll—and an efficient way to dry off.