The #lavachallenge is the new viral trend straight out of your childhood.

The #lavachallenge is the new viral trend straight out of your childhood.

Now that millennials have entered young adulthood, we're starting to get nostalgic for the games from our childhoods, and it's showing in our internet crazes. Last summer, we were all running around like crazy people hunting for Pokรฉmon, and this summer, we're all going to be screaming "The floor is lava!' at our friends in public.

The #lavachallenge has started making its way around the internet. It's based on a kids' game where one person says, "The floor is lava," and everyone else has five seconds to hop up on a couch, table, or whatever is available to get away from the "lava."

The madness started over Memorial Day Weekend, when Instagram/Snapchat personalities, Kevin Freshwater and Jahanna James, posted videos of themselves playing "the floor is lava" in public places to Instagram.

The video shows Jahanna jumping into a literal trashcan, and Kevin (attempting to) jump onto a shelf in a supermarket. While it's probably a little annoying to the people around you, you've got to admit this looks fun as hell.

When ever I hang out with @jahannahjames we play "The Floor is lava" ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ #TheFloorIsLava

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We played it as kids, and now we're going to be playing it as grown-ass adults. Only this time, our friends will be recording it and it's going to be all over social media.


Videos of other people playing the game have started to surface on Twitter and Instagram.

Pro-tip: It's really fun to do this in a store.


We are all going to be menaces to society. Menaces of fun!

And so it begins... #lavachallenge #japan #japantour #games #challenge

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- #thefloorislava - send yours in dm so i can repost! - tag someone you want to do this with !

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A lot of people will probably say this challenge is stupid, but hey. We say there's nothing wrong with a little silly fun. Go out and tell your friends they're standing on lava!