People talk about actually having sex a lot, but no one really ever talks about what happens in the immediate aftermath. That is, until now. The hashtag #ThingsISayAfterSex started trending on Twitter recently. It might make you think twice about sleeping with anyone who has a Twitter account.

1. This one is too real.

2. You never know when you'll need to network.

3. A little taste of their own medicine won't hurt them.


4. Always working on that personal brand.

5. *Awkward silence*

6. Again, networking is key.

7. When you notice there's someone else in the room.


8. Honestly, any one of these is fitting.

9. It's like hearing the voices of angels.

10. Ah, the age-old question.

11. They will be impressed to know you paid attention in 8th grade science.


12. Sex is just like a Pokémon battle. Right?

13. And perhaps the most fitting of them all...