Internet quizzes are all a bunch of laughs until you discover that your soulmate is your girlfriend's mom. That's gonna be an awkward wedding.

Captain Quizz's new Facebook soulmate quiz sure seems like a lot of fun. I mean, the website has two Z's in its name — how can it not be fun? But some people have discovered that the quiz — which pulls information from your friends list, likes, and posts — matches them with some less-than-ideal "soulmates," like exes and relatives. People aren't happy about it.

But I have a theory for you: what if everyone is complaining about the quiz because they've realized that the results are so right? And nobody knows how to deal with their emotions upon discovering their problematic mates, so instead they're deflecting by pointing out how silly the quiz is. Like, how awkward is it to realize that your ex is actually your soulmate?

Sources: Daily Mail