Twitter loves a good hashtag challenge, and when the hashtag challenge involves envisioning cringe-worthy sex scenarios? Even better.

Today's trending hashtag #MakeSexAwkwardIn5Words challenged Twitter users to dream up instant ways to make sex awkward — using exactly 5 words. While it's not that hard to make sex awkward (hello, mingling body fluids and weird sounds!), Twitter users showcased the impressive range of their perverted imaginations with this one.

There were comments about DIY prophylactics:


And questions you NEVER want to hear your partner utter when you're getting down and dirty:

The most terrifying thing to hear during a one-night stand:


The least sexy sex game of all time:

Dirty talking with a Bernie Bro:

Wait, doesn't everyone do this after sex?


The challenge brought out a surprising amount of "nana" references, but this one was definitely the best:

And by "the best" I mean "the one that made me shudder and never want to have sex again."

If the dead grandma imagery didn't close the coffin of your libido forever, this one should do the trick:


Mission accomplished, Twitter! Well done.