Twitter is convinced this girl is Regina George's long-lost twin.

Twitter is convinced this girl is Regina George's long-lost twin.

A young woman by the name of April was surprised to achieve viral fame after she posted her senior photos to Twitter.

Why did these seemingly normal photos of April go viral? Well, people on Twitter seem to think that she looks exactly like Mean Girls character, Regina George.

April's photos went viral after another user, @mxargo, retweeted them saying he thought she looked like Regina George.

And, now that he's pointed it out, it seems like all of Twitter agrees. In less than 48 hours since the original tweet was posted, it's already gotten half a million likes.

People just really think April looks like Regina George.

Of course, there were plenty of Mean Girls jokes to go around.

So what does April think of all this hubbub?

"No one has ever told me I look like her before," April told Buzzfeed. "So this is definitely a first."

"And I don't necessarily agree with the comparison just because my hair is naturally curly, but in the picture maybe I look like her a little bit," she continued.

April added that she found the comparison to Regina George "quite funny," and doesn't really mind because, like most of us, she's a huge Mean Girls fan.

"It's definitely one of my absolute favorite movies," April told Buzzfeed. "I could probably recite the whole thing!"

Us too, April. In fact, we're going to go watch it right now. Bye!