Ioana Hill is a 20-year-old student at Auckland University studying crimonology and sociology, and recently made a film for an assignment that went viral. Hill is biracial, a Kiwi Samoan (her dad is Kiwi, which is apparently a chill, non-slur for New Zealander, and her mom is Samoan).

She writes,

For a uni assignment, i had to come up with a creative way of showing my identity journey as a Halfcaste (Samoan/Kiwi) so this is it. In no way am i trying to suggest one culture is better than the other, simply an insight on the different lifestyles of my Samoan nana and European grandma. my love, pride and appreciation for both cultures is tu meke. enjoy xxxx (watch in HD) Music:Six60- Dont forget your roots. 

Sources: Iona Hill | Stuff New Zealand