A Pakistani man reached out to photographer Brandon Stanton to thank him for showing a different side of his country.

Brandon Stanton, photojournalist to the non-stars. (via Facebook)
Brandon Stanton, photojournalist to the non-stars.
(via Facebook)

Humans of New York, the inspirational photoblog by Brandon Stanton, just keeps getting bigger and more inspirational. It's a feel-good behemoth that can't be stopped, and shouldn't.

If you've never heard of it, here's the deal: Stanton takes candid photos of ordinary people on the streets of New York City and interviews them about their lives. He posts the photos along with an interesting quote of theirs on HONY's wildly popular Facebook page, where it's seen by more than 14 million followers. Stanton's posts are sometimes sad and sometimes sweet, but always insightful, and many of them have gone massively viral. One, from a gay kid concerned for his future, even attracted a comment from Hillary Clinton herself. That's how you know it's popular.

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