Close friends are among the people we trust most in life. Naturally, when 18-year-old vlogger Elle Mills decided to get her first tattoo, she entrusted her friend Tavian Palacios to choose the design.

Mills trusted Palacios so much, in fact, that she didn't even approve the design beforehand. Her new tattoo was a total surprise. What Mills ended up with was a heart on her ankle, but not to miss an opportunity for self-promotion, Palacios added something a little personal to it.


Yes, Palacios tattooed his Twitter and Instagram handle on his friend. (Hey, when someone offers you free advertising space, you take it.)

Mills had her reservations at the start of the process. At the beginning of her hilarious tattoo adventure vlog, Palacios asks her if she's nervous. "Yeah, because you're a bit of an asshole," she says.

Everything was going fine until Mills realized that she had her friend's Twitter and Instagram handle tattooed on her skin. In the video, she gets really mad and storms out of the shop.


Now that she's had a chance to mull it over, Mills says she's feeling (very slightly) better about the tattoo.

"I wasn't too mad because honestly I would have done the same," she told Buzzfeed News. "It's just the type of friendship we have."

Well, we're glad these two have worked it out. Follow them on Twitter? I guess?