10 people revealed the weirdest items they ever bought just because they were on sale.

10 people revealed the weirdest items they ever bought just because they were on sale.

The holiday shopping season is upon us and that means there are sales everywhere. We know how hard it can be to pass up a good deal, even if it's on an item you truly do not need. To show impulse buyers everywhere that they are not alone, we asked our readers to share stories of the weirdest things they've ever bought just because they were on sale.

And boy, have our readers bought some hilarious things.

1. There was a slight problem with the "cocktail dress" Sarah bought during a drunk shopping escapade. At least she got it on sale!

I have a habit of shopping online at night, especially if I've had too much to drink.

I was looking for a cocktail dress for holiday photos. Found a super cute one on sale!

Amazon primed that bad boy.

I forgot all about my drunken escapades until my super cute nursing nightgown arrived!

2. Jim from Facebook is now the proud owner of a rock that was bigger than all of the other rocks. Jim has the alpha rock!

There was a sale on rocks at a local flea market this spring. All sizes for the same price. So I bought the biggest one, about the size of a softball. So yes, i'm dumber than a box of rocks. Why???? Lol


3. MistressVader, another drunk shopper, was nearly the owner of an actual human skull. Man, that would've raised her Halloween decorating to the next level.

I've bought 2 things like this, both were ordered when I was plastered.
1) bulk beef jerky and protein chips because why the hell not. Apparently drunk me is worried about my protein intake.
2) A real human skull. And there is kind of a story behind this. So my friends and I are super weird and we're talking about how awesome it would be to own a skull. So I found one in the internet from a reliable seller. It was like $1000, which is fairly cheap for a real human skull. I purchased it late at night and beyond blitzed. I woke up the next morning with a confirmation email. Before they could ship it out I emailed them and returned it. Unfortunately I never physically got my hands on it, but it would have been awesome.


4. No! Will someone please find Chelsea another egg cuber so that she may once again enjoy her square eggs? (Who knew you could cube eggs?)

I bought an egg cuber at a thrift store one time. It was 99 cents and I had to have it. You boiled your egg, took the shell off, and put it into the mold. After it cooled, it was a cube and somehow tasted better than regular boiled eggs.. it ended up getting lost and I'm very sad now because of it.


5. I feel like drunk Michael and myself would get along.

Almost all of my stupid purchases are when I'm drunk and the purchase is almost always made on credit...last time I was drunk I bought a "Animals Farting Coloring Book" and some colored pencils. My inner drunk is a 5 year old.


6. Michelle is just trying to keep herself safe, okay guys?

True. I bought a bubble wrap suit. I tend to fall when drinking so it seemed like a good idea at the time.


7. We know she doesn't need it, but come on guys. You really expected Heather to pass up something FREE?

I once bought 4 bottles of contact lens solution, because it was free with a sale and coupon. I don't wear contacts, ever.

8. If anyone ever needs to borrow half a set of gold teeth, Josh from Facebook may be able to help you out.

I bought a gold bottom grill because I saw an ad on Facebook saying they were free with the code Black Friday (just pay $10.00 shipping & handling). I don't know why. I don't wear grills, and even if I did it's only the bottom one, not even a whole set. I'm not going to walk around with half a set of gold teeth, but it was a $40 value and it was FREE!


9. Why would Amy's husband pass up such a good deal on an item that will bring hilarious poop-related pranks for years to come?

I didn’t do this, but my husband did, and I still harass him about it.

Yes, that is what it looks like…a fake turd. He put it on the toilet just like this to try and freak me out. I asked him why in hell he’d pay money for a fake turd, and he said “it was a really cheap add-on item through Amazon”. So yes – it’s true….people will buy anything on sale! (Or at least my husband will….)


10. We sincerely hope Ann from Facebook found a dog to take all that food off her hands.

Yes about 30 yrs ago, I went to the supermarket, there was a gigantic sale on dog food, 48 cans case for about $2.50, lord I thought I died and gone to dog food heaven, I had to have someone help me put it on the car and the young man says wow Ms. you really hit the Jack pot and your dog will not need food for along time, so, I chuckled and said Son I don't even own a dog, it was so cheap and I could not pass up the savings. I know I looked mighty dumb to the guy. Lol