After winning Twitter's hearts by accomplishing what Hillary Clinton couldn't—no, not winning the Electoral College—and getting a dude to delete their account, Wendy's made a big social media oopsie.

When asked for memes, Wendy slipped up and posted a cute lil' adaptation of the Anti-Defamation League-designated hate symbol, Pepe the Frog. It was only up for 15 minutes, but, y'know, screenshots.

Twitter: @KyleGriffin1

Wendy's quickly deleted after the first page of a Google search yields, y'know, this.

Twitter: @rare_pepes

Wendy's quickly apologized, insisting that they were unaware of the alt-right connection.

But Twitter had some fun trolling right back.


Alt-right folk were angry, likely believing that Ronald McDonald would never do such a thing.

It ain't easy being a Nazi sometimes.


Fast food chains will play games with your heart, if you have one.