Usually, when people discuss "the 1%" these days, they're referring to income and wealth—but everyone, if they look hard enough, can probably find some characteristic they have that makes them different from 99% of other people. On an AskReddit thread last week, people were asked to share what makes them part of the select few (usually in positive ways, but not always). From rare eye colors and other genetic rarities, obscure languages, video gaming habits, to unfortunate sexual occurrences, it turns out being part of the 1% isn't that unusual after all:

1. This brag is literally the main benefit of getting a really high SAT score.


2. A reminder that being in the 99% is almost always something to be grateful for.

3. Many ethnicities are less than 1% of the world population, but sometimes it gets even lonelier online.

4. Again: be grateful you're normal. Normal is good.

5. Also in the top 1% of people who get annoying basketball and weather jokes, and top 1% of "number of bald spots seen on a daily basis."


6. Sometimes you can only get into the 1% through hard work. Ultimately pointless, obscure, and nerdy work, sure. But work nonetheless.

7. Still the 8th largest organized faith. 

8. This is the top 1% of income in America. You only need to earn somewhere in the $30-$40k range to be in the top 1% worldwide.

9. Test tube babies, unite!


10. There are probably <1% of people who are even aware of what this person suffers.

11. Having two different colored eyes—common in Siberian Huskies, less so in humans (and despite Blair-s' uncertainty, it is less than 1%).

12. With ethnicities and religions already covered, let's not forget language.

13. Again, beating the odds is not good if the odds are you won't get cancer.


14. Let's go back to eyes. Eyes were fun, right?

15. Turns out America has a shocking percentage of one-percenters.

16. Not every unique attribute is especially useful or impressive (or at least not as impressive as it might have been a few years ago).

17.  What do you expect? It's the Internet.


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Sources: redditor kaysorry