Hi! How was Halloween at work today? That awkward, eh? The cubicle is constraining enough without having to sit in an inflatable sumo wrestler costume. While you were pretending to get work done between visits to the candy bowl, here's what you missed.

1. All your Facebook friends were posting that they were at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in solidarity with the protesters, but there are also more direct ways to help. (via Select All)

2. Gawker shutter-downer Peter Thiel attempted to make the case for Donald Trump, but has probably never heard anything Trump has said before. (via Vox)

3. The Washington Post sent a woman on a date that was a total nightmare, except for the pancakes. (via Washington Post)

4. NASA's pumpkin carving competition was out of this world. I'm sorry, I had to make that joke. (via Gizmodo)

5. October 31st is not only fun but also historically significant. (via Mental_Floss)

6. The Harvard women's soccer team wrote a response to the men's team's sexist "scouting report." (via Harvard Crimson)

7. Oh, and FBI Director Comey didn't want to call out Russia for interfering with the election because it was too close to Election Day. (via CNBC)