Hello! How was your day? Damn, that sucks, especially because it's getting colder now. But at least the fact that it's November means there are no more "October Surprises!" Now any revelations will just be blatant electioneering!

Speaking of the election, here's what you missed while you had the privilege of thinking about other things.

1. Trump saw Hillary's private server, and raised us his own public server that might have been used to communicate with a Russian bank. о мой Бог! (via Slate)


2. Oh, and there may or may not be a tape that involves Trump and an orgy in Russia. мне страшно!! (via Death and Taxes)

And in non-Trump news...

3. New emoji updates features such necessities as avocado and facepalm. We'll miss the peach butts, but that's what Kimoji is for. (via Emojipedia)

4. The White House has figured out the protocol for the peaceful transition of power for the official POTUS Twitter. (via USA Today)


5. TV shows hate millennials just as much as you do. (via The Week)

6. Harry Potter Yoga is real, unlike Harry Potter. (via Mashable)

7. L'eggo your Eggo: Eleven will emerge from the wall for Stranger Things season two. (via TVLine)