Hey! How was your day? Damn, I'm sorry to hear that. You should get that checked out. Anyhow, here are the big things you missed today that you can bring up for small talk in the waiting room.

1. You should already feel sh*tty about your hot new iPhone 7 because here comes the iPhone 8! And it's getting rid of even MORE jacks! (via Mashable)

iphone timelapse evolution moh morph

2. This is what it looks like at the pipeline protests, from people who didn't just check in on Facebook. (via The Daily Beast)

3. Oh, isn't it amazing? See the pictures from the live action Beauty and the Beast that makes the beastiality seem only somewhat creepy! (via Entertainment Weekly)


4. The teen who Anthony Weiner allegedly sexted blasted the FBI for using her has a pro-Trump play. (via BuzzFeed)

5. President Obama asks men to think about sexism. And they'll listen to him, because he's a man. (via Vox)

6. The Houston restaurant changed it's name to "Trump Café" and is serving Trump-themed food. Are women allowed to eat dessert? (via Grub Street)

7. The cast of Girls read aloud Brock Turner's victim's story. (via Glamour)