Yo! How's it going? Woah, that's awesome! You totally deserve it. You gotta go celebrate. Don't forget to invite Shaun this time, he'd be pissed otherwise.

Here's the stuff on the ole blogosphere to catch up on before you start boozin'.

1. Stranger Things season two (Strangerer Things? Strangest Things?) is a thing that's happening, and here's everything there is to know so far. (via Vox)

2. Not sick of Amy Schumer yet? Here's a deconstruction of all the thing's she's done wrong! (via Slate)


3. Your fleek bae Will Ferrell has a msg for y'all, fam. GOTV or get FOMO. (via Vulture)

4. Kris Jenner's sister got a face lift and now they're twins. (via Cosmopolitan)

5. That conveniently awesome meme of Trump calling Republicans dumb was too good to be true. (via Select All)

6. Men with micropenises tell long tales about their short dicks. (via Vice)


7. Chris Christie's aides were found guilty for Bridgegate. His career might be even overer than the day he endorsed Trump. (via CNN)