Do you sometimes feel like your boring adult job is getting in the way of you staying up to date with everything that's going on in the world? Do you sometimes wish you could just forget about work and read the internet all day? Well, lucky for you, my boring adult job is to read the internet all day. (Yeah, I get paid for this!) So I'll catch you up. Here are seven very important internet stories you missed today, October 12, 2016, while you were at work.

1. A bakery in Oregon was accused of being racist for selling Oreo "Mr. President" cupcakes. Obama just loves Oreos.


2. 'Labia puffing' is a new trend that's catching on. It sounds very painful.

3. Law & Order: SVU is going to air an episode based on a 2016 presidential candidates. Bet you can't guess which one!

4. A man almost died on a plane because the crew didn't believe a black woman who said she was a doctor. She's definitely a doctor.

5. Janet Jackson is pregnant. But we kind of already knew that.


6. A cartoonist managed to make all the terrible things about being a woman adorable.

7. This raccoon is a master criminal.