It's Friday, October 14th, and before you go out and get your party on this weekend (and by get your party on I mean get dressed up for the Instagram and then immediately switch into a onesie and watch TV), catch up on the big stories of the day.

1. Donald Trump was real Trumpy towards Khloe Kardashian when she was on The Apprentice. You laugh off reality stars now, but one could be President.

2. The drones are taking our stylists' jobs.


3. It's Disney's World, and we're just living in it.

4. Somebody is sending ominous memes from a missing person's Facebook account. This isn't funny. Neither are the memes.

5. A marketing pro summoned the power of donuts to make sure his resume (and his donuts) end up in the right hands.

6. Emma Stone has such a pretty face she could pull off any haircut.


7. Hillary shared her harrowing account of what it was liked to be stalked by Trump during the second debate on Ellen.