Chances are you had a busy day at work today. Maybe you had a big presentation, or had to take some clients out for lunch, or had to yet again ask your cubicle-mate Steve to please not clip his toenails at his desk. No matter what your workday looked like, you probably didn't have time to catch up on all the internet's latest gossip. That's what we're here for. Here are seven things you missed today, October 20, 2016, while you were at your boring adult job.

1. The good people of Twitter started writing Trump book reports.


2. New video surfaced of Kim Kardashian's robbers making their getaway.

3. Mark Zuckerberg shared his daughter's first word. Spoiler: it wasn't "Facebook."

4. Here are 15 Rocky Horror Picture Show reaction GIFs to use during tonight's FOX remake.

5. A mom shared a picture of her autistic son bonding with his new service dog and melted the internet's collective heart.


6. Barb from Stranger Things lives! (Or at least this woman who really looks like Barb lives.)

7. There's a weird theory about why people in Las Vegas have stopped paying for sex.