Hi there. How was work today? That bad, huh? At least it's almost Friday! If you're under a lot of pressure at your job, you probably didn't have the time to peruse the internet today. That's what we're here for. We have nothing but time to peruse the internet, so we can catch you up. Here are seven things you missed today, October 27, 2016, while you were at your boring adult job.

1. Twitter announced that it was killing Vine. We took a retrospective look back at some Vines that were actually funny.

2. Donald and Melania Trump slammed the women accusing him of assault on Good Morning America. They were as graceful and mature as you'd expect. (Not very.)

3. Rumors surfaced that a new season of Will & Grace may be in the works. We're trying not to freak out.

4. The internet can't decide if this is a picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks.

5. Starbucks would prefer that you don't smoke weed out of your Frappuccino.

6. A woman tried on her Hermione Halloween costume only to realize she looks exactly like Emma Watson.

7. New York City is rallying in defense of a bodega cat who was dissed in a Yelp review. New Yorkers protect their own.