7 things you missed today while you were at your boring adult job: Michael Bublé, cat ladies, semen smoothies.

7 things you missed today while you were at your boring adult job: Michael Bublé, cat ladies, semen smoothies.

Well, internet, we didn't know if we'd make it but we have at long last arrived at the end of this truly exhausting week. Happy Friday! We're sure you're pretty sick of looking at the internet after this week's election, so we're going to make catching up on all the gossip easy for you. Here are 7 (non-election-related) things you missed today.

1. Facebook thinks we're all dead. (Via SFist)


A glitch on Facebook created memorial pages for a bunch of users who are still very much alive. (Or are they? Zombies!)

2. Here's the answer to the age-old question: "Is semen actually good for you?" (Via The Frisky)


We're not saying you need to include it in your morning smoothie or slather it all over your face, but it does contain some nutrients. It's not not good for you.

3. The internet had a lot to say about Drake's new flaming skull tattoo. (Via Elite Daily)


It was basically a virtual Comedy Central roast aimed at a tattoo.

4. Now you can enjoy red wine and grilled cheese at the same time. (Via Refinery29)


Drinking wine out of a glass while you eat a grilled cheese is a thing of the past! Just consume them together! Efficiency!

5. Michael Bublé will take time off as his son undergoes cancer treatment. (Via Hello Giggles)


Bublé's three-year-old son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer recently. The singer will be staying out of the public eye for the time being to focus on Noah's health.

6. A museum in California now has an exhibit dedicated to crazy cat ladies. (Via Mental Floss)


The Animal Museum in Los Angeles is in its soft-opening period, and one of its first exhibits is entitled: "Crazy Cat Ladies: A Celebration of Kitties and Their Champions."

7. You're probably already dreading holiday shopping. This deer knows how you feel. (Via Mashable)


For some reason unbeknownst to us, this deer was inside his local American Eagle store. The pressures of finding the perfect gift were far too much, so he escaped by busting through the window.