Happy Monday, internet! How was your Election Eve? You were probably very busy trying to focus and get all your work done even though you didn't sleep very well last night, what with all the night terrors of a possible Trump presidency jolting you awake every two hours. (Oh, was that just me?) Anyway, here are seven things you missed today while you were at your boring adult job.

1. Trump supporters don't even trust Bruce Springsteen anymore. (Via The A.V. Club)

2. Lindsay Lohan was fired by her PR manager for being "radioactive." (Via Page Six)


3. Someone made an all-hamster version of Seinfeld. It was still about nothing, just cuter. (Via Mashable)

4. Drew Barrymore supported her ex-husband Will Kopelman as he ran the NYC Marathon. (Via People)

5. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is getting his own spin-off. Bazinga. (Via Hello Giggles)

6. Here's how to watch tomorrow night's election madness unfold if you don't have a TV. (Via Refinery29)


7. Now that it's getting colder, here are 15 helpful Netflix hacks you probably didn't know about. (Via Thrillist)