Salmon-colored fur and angry eyes just scream "Easter Fun." (Via)

Whoever decided the mascot for Easter should be a small, not very personable mammal wasn't thinking ahead to when shopping malls would try to market this thing. If you take a diminutive animal and blow it up big enough for a kid to sit on its lap, you've got yourself a seven-foot-tall wildebeast whose dead plastic eyes do nothing but make children scream. Here are some of the more terrifying examples of Easter Bunnys gone horrifically wrong.


Eyes as black as death. (Via)

Alien face + Bear fur + Butler hands = "Lets give our kids to it!" (Via)

The bunny was tired of seeing babies cry so he stabbed his own eyes out. (Via)

Go ahead and run. He'll find you in your nightmares later. (Via)


The toupée on the top really adds an extra flavor of yikes. (Via)

The Easter beast must feed. (Via)

The child has completely dissociated from reality to make it through this.


We can only hope his eyes are red with a hangover and not a steady diet of blood. (Via)

Taking a moment to wonder if there's more to life than inspiring children's night terrors. (Via)

Mom, help! I'm sitting on something from the last 10 minutes of 'The Shining.'

On Easter, no one can hear you scream. (Via)


It's asleep. Try to wriggle free without waking it or you'll risk its wrath. (Via)

One step closer and the kid sleeps with the carrots. (Via)

I don't know what I am either. (Via)

This one looks like he just spotted his wife across the mall holding hands with another man. (Via)


Someone mated Peter Cottontail with a sheepdog. (Via)

Don't ask him what happened to his hands. (Via)

Sniffing at the jugular to see if the child's blood is pure. (Via)


Put on some long underwear and throw some sweatpants on your head and boom! Easter! (Via)

And here we see the Easter Bunny daydreaming about fire. (Via)

Honey, give us a thumbs up if the monster hasn't harmed you yet. (Via)

Mommy? Why does the bunny's breath smell like the grave? (Via)


Like Samson's strength was in his hair, this bunny's psychosis is in his eyelashes. (Via)

One day she'll look at this picture and realize why springtime makes her so scared. (Via)

Try and run. Bunny will never let you go. Ever. (Via)


This old photo made everyone regret the invention of the camera. (Via)