The wide-eyed little boy about to be eaten by this horrifying Easter Bunny grew up to be one of our own.

Corey Reppond, age one-and-a-half. Demon Bunny, ageless. (via Corey Reppond's mom)

Every year, we publish our annual list of creepy Easter Bunnies. The post is a holiday tradition, with delightfully terrifying images from around the web. Most of the photos are ancient, their subjects lost to history. So imagine our surprise when we discovered through hard-hitting research (he emailed us) that one of the little boys in the photos was a contributing writer to Someecards, Corey Reppond.

Reppond did some hard-hitting research of his own (he called his mom), and here's what he said she told him about the photo:

The Easter Bunny was at Caraway's Pharmacy in Westlake, L.A. I was about 1.5. This was in 1981. The pharmacy was advertising a free 5x7 with the Easter Bunny to get people in. He was there for two weekends. My mom was cheap, because we were poor, so she took me both weekends.
Sources: Corey Reppond